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Usually we need to share visual studio projects. We take the source code and create zip file and share location with others. If project is not clean then share size will be more. Above manual process can be automated inside visual studio. if we have an add-in to do the same.

I have created an add-in for Visual Studio 2010 with that all the above manual tasks can be automated. Source code is provided as it is. So you can extend to develop same for other versions of visual studios.

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Installation Steps:

1. Download the setup file and double click on it to start installation.

2. Follow the installation wizard till finish.

3. Open Visual Studio 2010, Under Tools menu you will find two Import/Export smiley buttons.

Use export to export current project opened in Visual Studio. Use Import button to import any existing exported project.

Many thanks to IONIC zip library. Check this URL for more details:

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